Conference: AMIA Annual Symposium – June 2016

Low Satisfaction and Multi-level Concerns with Nursing Electronic Health Records: Results from an International Survey
Authors: Maxim Topaz, Charlene Ronquillo, Laura-Maria Peltonen, Lisiane Pruinelli, Raymond Francis Sarmiento, Martha K Badger, Samira Ali, Adrienne Lewis, Mattias Georgsson, Eunjoo Jeon, Jude L. Tayaben, Chiu-Hsiang Kuo, Tasneem Islam, Janine Sommer, Hyunggu Jung, Gabrielle Jacklin Eler, Dari Ahluwail, Ying-Li Lee

Islam, T., O’Connell, B., & Hawkins, M. (2014). Factors associated with transfers from healthcare facilities among readmitted older adults with chronic illness. Australian Health Review, 38(3), 354-362.

Islam, T., O’Connell, B., and Lakhan, P. (2013). Hospital readmission among older adults with congestive heart failure. Australian Health Review 37, 362–368.

Ostaszkiewicz J., Eustice, S., Roe, B., Thomas, L.H., French, B., Islam, T., O’Connell, B., & Cody, J.D. (2013). Toileting assistance programmes for the management of urinary incontinence in adults (Cochrane review protocol)

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