Month: December 2019

Japan Shopping Haul

Here’s a guide to the fruits of my 2018 Japan shopping adventures: basically a combination of popular cosmetics + Rilakkuma merchandise!

K- Palette 1 Day Tattoo


I’ve yet to find a long-lasting, true black eyeliner. This one sticks around the longest of everything I’ve tried so far, but for me it’s not quite ideal. It smudges and fades with just a little moisture, and my wings rarely stick around till the end of the day.

Canmake Cream Cheek


This is a nice find. Such a silky consistency! I chose the deepest colour I could find (Japanese cosmetics do not exactly cater to darker skin tones). Easy to blend and can even be applied on the lips and eyes (with primer).

Macherie Perfect Shower


A great product, unlike anything I’ve found in Australia. Perfect for taming hair without a sticky hairspray feel. It does its work then seems to disappear! Magic.

Eye mask


I rarely get eye strain, but I tried this mask when I was having an achey day…and it sent me to sleep.

Bioré SP50 Sunscreen


This is unlike any sunscreen I’ve found in Australia. It’s silky, smooth and watery, so it glides on like nicely. It’s an ideal base without having to rely on BB creams or foundations with SPF.