Month: November 2014

Let’s Get Social

Facebook and other forms of social media are all about networking – we advertise what we are up to in an attempt to link with like-minded people. The Twitter and Instagram platforms use hashtags to do so; in the Facebook world, the fact that you usually have to be a ‘friend’ of a person to view their content is the commonality you share. Facebook, as a result, potentially exposes you to diverse material, because your friends and acquaintances will probably have varied interests (unless you belong to a cult). These interests are more diverse than the Twitter or Instagram feeds to which one subscribes. Also,when it comes to range of content, news channels are a great source.

Facebook is an online local community – it’s a way of keeping in touch en masse. And that’s great, because it would otherwise take far too long to do so otherwise, and besides, the most unlikely of partnerships and networks can blossom in ways that would never have been possible offline. So it’s important to read news feeds as a way of staying connected. Online social networking builds (yes, builds) social skills and capacity, facilitates teamwork and enhances one’s sense of community. My offline world is different from my online world, as it should be. And I feel that in the information age, one cannot (and should not) exist without the other.

Tasneem xo