Photoshoot: Queen’s Birthday 2014

The Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Victoria is the last public holiday until November! I made the most of my long weekend, and met up with my dear friend Luster, who is a part-time photographer and nurse extraordinaire. She brought her amazing camera, and I offered my curious and humbled self as her model on a leisurely stroll through the streets and laneways of the Melbourne CBD.

First stop was St Paul’s Cathedral. The back entrance and courtyard was shaded, which gave us ideal lighting conditions.


Then, after a change of costume, we walked over to Hosier Lane. Did I say Luster’s camera is amazing?


We had lunch at the Pankcake Parlour (this is my Best Breast of Chicken – “Tender breast of chicken, crumbed and crowned with our original hollandaise sauce, resting on a buckwheat pancake, or spiced up with Cajun spices topped with lemon parsley butter”):



Then, it was time for a final costume change before heading off to GPO and exploring some laneways. We met up with Luster’s friend and fellow photographer, Marg and had some AMAZING hot chocolates at Chokolait!







Dark hot chocolate, affogato and jaffa 🙂

Winter days are all too short, and time flies when you’re having fun! We decided to hop on a tram and head to Parliament before the sun set.


This is my favourite photo by Marg. She suggested I point my toes towards the centre of one of the heart-shaped tile motifs outside the main Parliament doors. I was afraid it would look awkward, but it turned out just fine! She clearly knows what she’s doing 🙂


The photos on Luster’s and Marg’s Google+ profiles are inspiring for novices and pros alike, so check them out! It was a brilliant day out with a couple of truly talented ladies, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the full edited albums!

xo Tasneem

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