Month: May 2014

Tas’ (Rare) Culinary Creations: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day on which we thank our mothers and/or mother figures for their seemingly superhuman abilities. I chose to treat my supermum with a little homemade nosh. Can’t take credit for the incredible dessert, though!

Crispy Cauliflower-Carrot Fritters with Smoky Garlic Aioli

I wanted to make something that could double as a meal and a snack. Something light and not too rich, seeing as dessert was so decadent. Oh My Veggies‘ vegetarian recipe caught my eye – it’s easy and oh-so-healthy! Plus, I love aioli and smoked anything! And so does Mum (I think, ahem). Win win 😉

I drifted from the original recipe somewhat – instead of cutting the carrots into ‘matchsticks’, I grated and then boiled them for about 2 minutes. I also replaced ‘green onions’ (which in Australia we call spring onions) with brown onions, roughly sliced. This is how the melange looked after adding salt, pepper, flour, grated parmesan, and egg (no cayenne pepper):



I fashioned some oval fritters and fried each one for 4-5 mins on medium heat.

Frying Fritters


Ended up making way more than the recipe’s estimated yield:

Fritters finished


But that was definitely a good thing 🙂

Fritters with Rice


Yum! Then there was the aioli…which wasn’t really aioli, in the end. I soaked my cashews for about 1 hour instead of at least 4, so they hadn’t softened enough to be processed into a paste of mayonnaise-like consistency. It ended up turning into a delicious smoky dip instead!


I’m absolutely smitten with smoked paprika. It goes smashingly with chicken and fish; infuse savoury bread/chappatis with it for some extra pizzazz!

Now, for dessert…


The Messinetta

Layers of crisp tempered dark chocolate sandwiching  layers of wild strawberry gelato, rich tahitian vanilla egg custard gelato and dark chocolate gelato sitting on a bed of chocolate sponge surrounded by hand piped Italian meringue and coco dark chocolate ganache.”

Who can resist that? It’s Gelato Messina‘s take on the classic Viennetta ice cream dessert.

Love at first sight…



And love at first bite (although the strawberry gelato was a tad sour for my taste)!


Happy Mother’s Day 🙂